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Her Unstoppable Courage 2019
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Hear from 14 global influencers on how to
create Unstoppable Courage.

We all have unlimited potential to tap into. It takes courage to recognize it and step into it. When we live our Truth, we’re able to inspire others to see their own potential and awaken to it too.

Too many women are feeling the call of their next big initiative, yet are stuck in their comfort zone. The Her Unstoppable Courage telesummit provides an authentic check-in to understand where women entrepreneurs are out of alignment and what they can do to take courageous action to achieve the abundance, time, money, love, fun, joy and clients they deserve.

We explore this by bringing together a community of innovative experts in foundational areas of life and business to shed light on who women are truly being in their business and how to tap into unstoppable courage right now to answer the inner urgency of the call.

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Her Unstoppable Courage will help you…

  • See how to take action in alignment with your Truth to courageously step into your business in a bigger way.
  • Achieve what you really want by making the subtle changes to the language you use.
  • Communicate authentically allowing you to have heart-centered connection and judgement-free conversations that will transform your relationships.
  • Find out how to drop the mommy guilt and create an empowered family by letting go of the drama and creating a rhythm for your family and business that works.
  • Explore the important correlation between your personal well-being and the health of your business and how to maximize it.
  • Attract more money into your life by understanding how you attract and repel financial abundance.
  • …and much more!

Get immediate access to all 14 incredible interview videos, audios and transcripts PLUS 3 exclusive bonuses!

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Meet Your Experts

Jennifer Lyall

Your Energetic Imprint: How Are You Showing Up?

Nick Breau

Living in Alignment

Becky Keen

Clarity: Aligning with Your Purpose

Carol Schulte

Courageously Stepping into Your Truth

Gina Hatzis

Letting Go of Impostor Syndrome

Rhonda Britten

Release the Language of Fear

Pamela French

Communicating Authentically

Julie Cole

Drop the Mommy Guilt and Create an Empowered Family

Sachin Patel

Making a Healthy Impact on Your Business

Stephanie Dodier

Intuitive Eating

Linda Spencer

The Energy of Money

Melanie Benson

Leveraging Your Time

Dr. Brynn Winegard

Upleveling Productivity

Hailey Patry

Love and Business

Get immediate access to all 14 incredible interview videos, audios and transcripts PLUS 3 exclusive bonuses!

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Meet Your Host

Jennifer Lyall

As an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer, Jennifer weaves her corporate experience with her intuitive energy awareness to help ambitious female entrepreneurs with expanding their energy, intuition and productivity. This allows them to step into an upward cycle of high vibration leading to more opportunities, higher value clients and a huge expansion of impact and income.

Since 2008, Jennifer has been courageously inspiring people to take responsibility for their well-being through her videos, workshops and mentorship programs. She has been featured in the Elephant Journal, EZ Rock 101.5, Rogers Television, online summits and podcasts. Her work has been shared in 8 countries and her mission is to inspire 1 million people to connect with their soul.

Get immediate access to all 14 incredible interview videos, audios and transcripts PLUS 3 exclusive bonuses!

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Lifetime Access to All 14 Interview Audios 
Prefer to listen to audios on the go or before sleep? With our All Access Pass, you’ll get MP3s of all 14 interviews. You can listen while driving in your car, working out, walking the dog or any other time. You’ll find it helpful to revisit the audios every quarter as you continue to make adjustments and tweaks. Each fresh listen will deliver additional new nuggets.

Lifetime Access to All 14 Interview Transcripts 
If you enjoy reading or scanning printed materials, having access to the transcripts can be incredibly beneficial. You can print them out to highlight things that stand out to you or that you want to take further action on. This will help further solidify the work you’ll do on this journey.


Breathing into Alignment Meditation Audio

BONUS: Breathing into Alignment Meditation Audio 
Starting your day off in alignment sets the stage for a magical day. In this meditation, Jennifer guides you to align your physical body, chakras and aura to maximize your energy field using your breath. With your energy high and vibrant, you’re ready to create the most magnificent connections, with every single soul you encounter and create more synchronicities in your life.


Stepping into Courage Meditation Audio

BONUS: Stepping into Courage Meditation Audio 
We’ve all had moments when we’ve felt knocked down and discouraged and could use a little support. This gentle guided meditation will feel like a cheerleader for you and your soul, reminding you of your true potential. The energy in this meditation will help you to feel like you can courageously step into any idea, project or situation you feel called to serve in. You’ve got this!



BONUS: Action Guide
To get the most value out of your Her Unstoppable Courage experience, you’ll receive an Action Guide that will prompt you for next steps to take based on the knowledge and tips shared by each expert during their interview.


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The Her Unstoppable Courage telesummit really walks you through a series of check-ins so that you can get clarity on which areas of your life and business are out of alignment.

We are all on a continual journey. In a month from now or in a year from now, you’re likely going to get “stuck” for some reason.

You’re receiving lifetime access to all of the video interviews, audio downloads and transcripts. So each time something comes up, you’ll be able to refer back to the appropriate conversation(s) to find out what you need to do to re-align. Plus, since you’ll have access in 3 different learning modalities, you can pick the one that suits you best!

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